RTI Driver Library

Bellow is a list of RTI drivers available for download on this site. If you don’t find what you’re looking for then contact me if you need a custom driver creating.

programming of pharos lighting control systems

Pharos Lighting Driver

Control up to 50 rooms of 10 fixtures with the Pharos LPC or TPC lighting controller…

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KMTronic Web Relay Driver

Control up to 20 KMTronic web relays. Each relay is a separate device in Apex…

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Art-Net DMX lighting Driver

Control up to 20 DMX lighting fixtures with just an Artnet node. Ideal for a media room or garden lighting…

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Last triggered event driver

Last Triggered Event Driver

Record when events occoured. Stores time and date when the last 50 events ocoured. Ideal for logging events from security systems…

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Outside Lights Timer

Setup 8 timers that can be either local time or astronomical time. Specify active days of the week. All setting stored in persistent memory. Fully Apex tagged…

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Optoma Projector RS232

Simple projector control via RS232. Power and source selection with feedback of power status and lamp time…

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audio-technica ATDM-1012 Digital Mixer

Control the inputs, outputs and and presets of the audio-technica digital mixer. full feedback is implemented…

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Symetrix Fader Scaler Driver for RTI

Symetrix Fader Scaler

Converts the feedback from the Symetrix driver into more readable format. 0-10, pecentage and 0-11.

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Slider Timed Popups

popup the value of a slider or other variable for a specified amount of time

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