Last Event Triggered Logger RTI Driver

Last triggered event driver

This driver allows you to record the time and date when any event in RTI has occurred. The input triggers can be from almost anything, CCTV, door contacts, break beams, alarm panels or occupation sensors. Anything that can be controlled in RTI can be logged.

The processor hold a list of the last 50 triggered events in persistent memory. Ten separate triggers can be used and each one has variables for when the event was triggered, how long since the last event was triggered and also which trigger was the last one to occur. A flashing Boolean variable allows you to have a visual indication on a panel of the last triggered event.

A list object is created that holds the last 50 events. This can be scrolled though to view a log of when things happened. Dates can be set to US (mm/dd/yy) or World (dd/mm/yy).

The driver bundle includes full instructions and an example Apex file showing how the driver can be used for logging security beam sensors on a property.

This driver is free to use with no restrictions. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or issues with this driver.

Free of Charge