Pharos Lighting RTI Driver

Pharos Lighting Driver allows you to control up to 50 rooms of lighting from a Pharos LPC or TCP controller. Each room has a master room dimmer that controls all the fittings in the room. Fittings can be either single channel dimmers, RGB or RGBW colour changing or switched. You can have up to 10 fittings in a room.

Each fitting has a dimmer, RGB and RGBW fittings have individual colour dimmers as well as a selection of 13 fixed colours.

Each room has 4 presets that can be stored and recalled by the user and are held in persistent memory of the RTI processor. Timelines in the Pharos can also be started and stopped to give colour changing effects of chases in a room. Each room has 4 timelines available.

The driver bundle contains the RTI driver file, an example Apex file, an example Pharos Designer file and full instructions. This driver has not been tested with the new Pharos Expert system, I hope to be able to test this shortly.

This driver requires a licence to operate. It will fully function for two hours for testing purposes. The two hour timer resets every time the processor is rebooted or uploaded.

To purchase a licence, Make payment to Paypal using and quote your system processors Mac Address. I will email you a licence by return.

£250.00 Ex VAT