Outside Lights Timer RTI Driver

Was doing a project and the client wanted different lights coming on and off at different times. Front door on at sunset +10 mins and off at 11:30PM. Driveway on at Sunset +20mins, off at Sunrise -10mins. Decking on at sunset and off at 2200 but only on weekends. You get the picture.
They wanted to be able to change these settings themselves and I certainly didn’t want to be going to site to change them every five minutes.
I found it hard to do combining the processors Daily Events and the Clock driver. I had to setup lots of events with flags that determined which ones triggered and I found the Clock driver forgets any settings after a reboot.

So I wrote this driver that I’m putting out for free.

You can have 8 different timers, each can either be triggered by the local clock of the processor or linked to Sunrise and Sunset times with an offset. You can also specify which days of the week timers are active. All timers are separate sources in ID11 and are added through the Add Workspace Item. All buttons are tagged so once you have a nice layout for one timer you can cut and paste for the others. Full instructions with tags is included.

The driver has a built-in delay function so that if your site experiences a power failure, you can set a delay to allow the network, lighting control system and RTI lighting drivers to come back up and settle down before triggering the ON or OFF event for each timer. This way if your system goes down in the night, the correct lights will be turned on or off when the system reboots.

There is also a built in Layer Switch to help with displaying the correct layer depending which timer is selected.

Times are available in both 24 hour and am/pm format.

All settings are stored to the persistent memory of the processor.

Let me know what you think or have any suggestions.

This driver calculates the sunrise and sunset times and allows the user to specify if the lights are controlled at a particular time or at an offset to the local astronomical time. They can also specify what days of the week these events occur.

This driver is free to use without restriction. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or issues with this driver

Free of Charge