Symetrix Fader Scaler

Symetrix Fader Scaler Driver for RTI

This driver converts up to 99 fader values from the Symetrix driver into a format that is more user friendly.
The Symetrix driver returns a value from -72 to +12 if you display the feedback as text. This seems to confuse most users, as the numbers in dB don’t mean much to your average Joe.
This driver converts these confusing values into three more readable formats.

1 – Zero to ten range with one decimal place
2 – Percentage, zero to one hundred
3 – ‘Spinal Tap’ range, Zero to Eleven, because eleven is obviously louder than ten! Spinal Tap – “These go to eleven….”

This driver was developed for a project that used a couple of Symetrix Prism units with Powersoft amps using Dante to give audio over about 50 rooms. Hopefully someone else will find it useful.
The driver is licence free and totally free to use. Drop me a line if you have any feedback or bugs.

Free of Charge